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According to the World Trade Organization rules of origin, in the case of a product which has been produced in more than one country, the product shall be determined to have origin in the country where the last substantial transformation took place.

In the case of Kendo Bogu, many companies use this definition to mislead their customers into believing that the products that they are selling are 100% Made in Japan - when in fact, after having most of the production done overseas, only the final stage of assembly is done by Japanese craftsmen.

In the current Kendogu market, there is only a single production facility that is able to produce a FULL Kendo Bogu set, including all of its parts. 

The Kendogu Workshop of Japan Co., Ltd.
株式会社 日本剣道具製作所

Formerly know as TADA SANGYO, The Kendogu Workshop of Japan Co., Ltd. is based in Miyazaki prefecture, and is Japan's only manufacturer of Kendogu that is capable of constructing a set of Kendogu Bogu COMPLETELY in Japan.
koujou1.jpg koujou2.jpg
Their work is one of the most popular choices for Kendo practitioners in Japan, and their famous 'Made in Japan' tag can be seen on the Bogu sets of some of the most successful competitors of all time.

MUGEN will bring the beautiful, made to order creations of The Kendogu Workshop of Japan Co., Ltd. to the global Kendo community. For the first time in history, these market leading Bogu sets will be easily available internationally. 


Quality knows no limits.

What Separates MUGEN from the rest?

100% Made in Japan


All products on MUGEN are 100% MADE IN JAPAN. Our original MUGEN series Bogu sets are manufactured by The Kendo Workshop of Japan Co. Ltd., and we are the only international supplier exclusively providing products that are 100% MADE IN JAPAN. 

Find out what 100% Made in Japan actually means here.

MUGEN Original Mengane

dsc-1128.jpg dsc-1141.jpg

The MUGEN Original Mengane is an originally designed Mengane, featuring an improved balance, giving improved lateral vision, and has reinforced Titanium bars in the strike zone. This gives the optimum balance of being lightweight, and also extremely strong. Further, the Mengane is coated with an original high-gloss coating, which strengthens the surface, preventing chips, cracks and dents. Finally the MUGEN Original Mengane is finished with matte grey on the inside, giving a cool and discreet outlook.

Infinity Grip Technology



All MUGEN series Kote feature our original 'Infinity Grip' technology. Illustrated in this diagram you can see that a longer 'Tsutsu' (wrist section) is employed, giving and unparralled freedom of movement in all directions for the wrists. This leads to a shorter Futon, however, the Datotsu-bui (striking zone) is more than sufficiently covered, the overall length of the Kote - and in the area of the hand and arm which it protects - remains the same.


With the implementation of specialized design differences, our Kote are cut in such a way that makes holding and maneuvering the Shinai easier than ever. Ergonomic shaping of the fist portion allows for a natural, relaxed grip, while the elliptical cut and reflex curve design of the Futon make movement in all directions smooth and comfortable. 



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