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SPARTAN - 8mm Orizashi Protective Light Weight Kendo Bogu Value Set - All Japan Pitch®

$965.00 $410.00
(You save $555.00)

Product Description




Unparalleled protection!
Building on our popular GUARDIAN and KOSHIKI Bogu sets, the SPARTAN is our new and updated version!

The SPARTAN offers outstanding shock absorption thanks to its 8mm stitch width. A wider stitch width allows the Futon to retain more air, producing a protective Bogu set that is comfortable to wear. Reinforced with high-grade Orizashi cotton, the SPARTAN is quick-drying and light-weight.



  • 8mm ‘All Japan Pitch-zashi’ stitching for optimal protection and cushioning
  • Quick-drying and light-weight with Orizashi cotton reinforcements and micro-punched Kote palms
  • IBB All Japan ‘Pearl’ Mengane reinforced with Titanium bars in the strike zone
  • Extra protective without being heavy!



The Men features our original, Japan-Made IBB All Japan ‘Pearl’ Mengane: Lightweight Duralumin construction with robust Titanium top bars in the strike zone. Improved balance and vision makes it easier to keep the right posture and perform various techniques correctly. The inside of the Mengane has a refined appearance, thanks to its discreet,
matte gray finish.

The cotton Uchiwa is absorbent and elastic, allowing for a perfect fit and an unparalleled level of comfort while wearing the Men.

8mm stitch width makes for a thicker, more protective Men. The Mendare have been given a diagonal cut and shortened enough to allow you to move your shoulders without hindrance, yet maintain a dignified appearance! Narrower Gunome-zashi stitching give the Mendare increased durability where it matters most. High-grade Orizashi cotton reinforcements make the Bogu lightweight and quick-drying, while ensuring a simple elegance.


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Freedom of movement – down to your fingertips! Our Yoroi-gata Kazari gives the feeling of each individual finger being encased in padding, maximizing maneuverability. This allows you to move your hands freely. The Kote palms are made with the utmost care to allow you accurate feedback and feel from you Shinai, letting you
maneuver it with ease.

Our specially cut, perfectly angled EGURI wrist joint allows you to move naturally and without hindrance. Assuming the correct Kamae and performing techniques becomes much easier with this innovative design! The 8mm stitch width allows the Kote Futon to retain more air, resulting in excellent shock absorption and highly protective Kote.


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Both the Tare and Tare Himo are tapered to fit
your body, making it easy to tie and ensuring a comfortable fit around your abdomen. The Tare stays in place even during hard practice and gives a good range of motion.

Diagonally cut and supple, the Tare naturally forms to the correct shape, giving the wearer a dignified look. Narrower Gunome-zashi stitching on areas prone to wear and tear makes the Tare more durable. Seven rows of Dankazari embroidery means the Tare is flexible enough to let you move up and
down from Sonkyo with ease.


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Accept no imitations - Accept ONLY genuine All Japan Pitch®  


Approximate Weight:

Men  1,270g
Kote 420g
Do 1,450g
Tare 615g
Total 3,755g


Includes FREE Himo, Chichikawa, Tenugui, and Deluxe All Japan Brand Do Cover!

Larger or irregular sizes may require additional cost and/or production time.

















* NB: Although we are perfectly able to craft almost any size, please note that we might have to ask you for extra fees and extra crafting time if your measurements are out of the Japanese standards, since it will require extra materials, special designs and extra work for our craftsmen.

Other Details

Sashi Haba:
8mm / 4mm Gunomezashi All Japan Pitch®
Hari (Reinforcement):
Full Shoaizome Orizashi Cotton
Urakawa (Reverse Leather):
All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Herikawa (Edging):
All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Cotton Parts:
#11,000 Shoaizome Cotton
Kazari Ito:
AJP Pearl Mengane (Grey Inner)
Mendare Stitching:
4mm All Japan Pitch® Gunomezashi
Uchiwa (Face Padding):
Tezashi Style Cotton
X (Batsu) Kazari
Palm Leather:
Micro-Punched All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Kote Namako:
1dan Namako
Atama (Fist Section):
Top Grade Shoaizome Orizashi, with genuine deerhair filling and Yoroi-style Kazari
Mune Kazari:
Choice of Designs
Standard Do-Dai:
50pc Black Yamato Do-Dai
Tare Herikawa (Edging):
All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Tare Dankazari (Decoritive Lines):
5-dan Kazari

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