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New Gear Revolution!


Tezashi - a method of hand stitching that has passed through centuries down to this day.

At All Japan Budogu, our craftsmen treasure the traditional technical skills and use their hands keep working on making high-level Bogus for our kendokas.

All Japan Budogu, as a well-known Japanese kendo equipment brand, we know many kendokas want to own Tezashi bogus in their kendo life, but it’s hard to bring into action due to price concern. Now we are proud to announce that we release new Tezashi Series which will break your stereotype of Tezashi bogu then build the new Tezashi concept into reality.

“Only All Japan Budogu made it!”

We always think about our customer, and try to meet your requirements. This time, we put our heart and soul into renewal process and improve techniques. Face all the difficulties, it’s necessary to take risks and fight for our respectable kendokas. After a long-term preparation, we finally accomplished our goal, opening a new era of Tezashi bogu. Not only represents Japan Quality, you will see how incredible it is with an unbelievable price.

“Wear Tezashi and be unique to Kendo world”

Thanks to all the honorable customers and craftsmen, we never forget the Kendo spirits which our sensei taught us. By daily keiko, we accumulate experiences, and use knowledges of Kendo dedicating ourselves to achieve this target. No one knows how their kendo road goes, but you can feel different when you wear the new delicate Tezashi bogu.


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