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Mom&Dad, I want to do Kendo.

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Do you remember when and why you started doing Kendo? Everytime when I heard the yelling from those children who are praticing in the Dojo,I could't control myself but came up these questions.

One day, I passed by the dojo and heard a 7-year-old kid said by chance "Mom, I want to do Kendo. Kenshi looks so cool! I want to be stronger, look like them, and protect my family!" I was laughing (but didn't show on my face), because it was nice to listen children telling their dreams, but on the other hand, I was thinking that being cool doesn't mean that you are stronger, neither you are able to protect your family. Of course, children don't have to know this, otherwise they might get bored easily, which you don't want to see definitely. But from a parent's perspective, if our children could understand our hearts, grow up healthy, and become mature as we expected while doing Kendo, why not let them follow their dream and encourage them?

It's not about to force children becoming who we really want. Try to think about yourself, recall your memories, I know all the kenshi can't forget their first day join dojo learning how to greeting, and the first time to hold a real shinal. It doesn't matter who you are or where you from, what matters is that we were shaken by what we saw, heard people yelling and sound of shinai hitting opponent's equipment in the dojo. We indeed felt excited and deeply believed that we could become stronger. We never regret saying "I want to do Kendo!" at the first time.

I know every kenshi has his or her own story, although it's not easy to express the long story and your feeling, just remeber why you started, put on your equipment, and concentrate on showing your skills. See, those children are watching you, and excited about their new Kendo life...


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