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One day, our craftsmen said "We don't have to stand out, and it's not necessary to tell people who we are. We feel grateful only because we can still use our hands to support our kendoka."

To be honestly, I felt touched by their words and almost cried. We all know that in kendo equipment industries, it became more competitive and complicate than before. Most of companies pursue profits, machine almost replaced human powers, but in All Japan Budogu's factory, we can see our craftsmen concentrate on their work. Sometimes they forget to eat even drink water properly, because they know that kendoka are waiting for their personalized bogus, they won't let any miss happened or delay. 

We are proud of them, and feel thankful for their hard work. It's truth that someday they will retire and the technical skills might disappear. Our mission is to pass down the Japanese tradition which we regards it as our treasure from generation to generation. We think it's what we can do to show respect to our craftsmen.

Now we could see the sunset out of window, and our craftsmen are stilling using their gifted hands making bogus...


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