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Measuring for Kendo Bogu

Men Measurements




Here are a few tips to help you making precise measurements, so we are sure to provide you with the most suitable gear:


A-Size measuring (overall):

 What for?

This is the overall size of your head. It globally determines the size of the men that would fit your head the best.

 How to?

Start on your chin, and go up to the furthest point on the opposite side of your head. In other words, it has to be the biggest measure you are able to take around your head starting from your chin.


B-Size measuring (hachimaki):

 What for?

This is the circumference of your head. It is for us to make sure it won’t stick out of the protection of the menbuton in the back, so if you fall backward during a fight it can absorb the shock before your head hits the ground from behind and gets hurt badly.

 How to?

Start from above your eyebrows to the furthest point on the opposite side of your head where the skull may jut out a little (depending on the person).


C-Size measuring (monomi):

 What for?

This is the height of your eyes from your chin. It is useful to be sure that the widest interval in the mengane, called “monomi”, corresponds exactly to the level of your eyes, so you can see properly through it.

 How to?

The best way is to put your chin flat on a board, like a table top, and measure the distance from it to the corner of your eye.




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