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'All Japan Pitch®' - SAKURA 2017 VERSION Supreme Model Kendo Bogu Set

₤1,498.56 ₤413.89
(You save ₤1,084.67)

Product Description



The SAKURA Supreme Model is one of the most popular sets from our famous 'ALL JAPAN PITCH®' range of Bogu - *NEW* and improved for 2017!

The SAKURA Supreme Model utilises the same top-quality made-in-Japan fabric as our best-selling HYOU-JUN Deluxe Model - featuring a tighter and more durable stitch width. Fully reinforced with All Japan 'Shin-Leather', and stitched using our pioneering 'All Japan Pitch-zashi', the SAKURA Supreme Model is subtly decorated with black 'Ko-zakura' patterned embossed leather in various places. These small decorations give the Bogu set a small touch of individuality, without being overly flamboyant. The Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) provides a distinct image of Japan, and along with the dragonfly, was thought of as an important symbol by warriors of centuries ago. A well known phrase says - "As flowers are Sakura, people are warriors", or in other words, the warrior is thought of as the cherry blossom of the human world, owing to their short, but important lives.



Click the picture for Men page

The Men features our original All Japan 'Pearl' Mengane, which has improved balance, gives improved lateral vision, and has reinforced Titanium bars in the strike zone. Further, the Mengane is coated with an original high-gloss coating, which strengthens the surface, preventing chips, cracks and dents! Finally, the Mengane is finished with matte grey on the inside, giving a cool and discreet outlook. 

The hand-stitched Uchiwa is made using the same genuine Momen found in top-quality Tezashi Bogu sets, improving the overall fit and comfort. Further, it has been deepened by 1cm to give a closer fitting feel to the face - giving the Men a feeling of becoming 'part' of the wearer.


Click picture for Kote page

The SUPREME Sakura Model Kote feature our special 'Infinity Grip' wrist joint, which allows you to maneuver and manipulate the Shinai with ease, as well as the dinstinctive Yoroi-gata Kazari on the fist, gallowing for improved hand movement!  

The SAKURA Supreme Model features understated yet beautiful black Ko-zakura Inden (decorative leather) throughout the entire Bogu set. This, along with the Tetsukon colored accent threads found exclusively in the new All Japan Pitch® range, give the entire Bogu set a subtle yet distinctive and luxurious appearance.


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Finally, utilizing the latest in Bogu technology, the Mune has been made with a special type of Kurozan, exclusively developed by our craftsmen for the All Japan Pitch® series of Bogu - featuring the same durability as regular Kurozan, while giving the Do a beautiful and lustrous appearance!

The SAKURA Supreme Model is perfect for literally all levels of Kendoka, and has been the choice of beginners as well as high-level Sensei amongst our Japanese customers. Our signature 'All Japan Pitch®-zashi' has brought uncomparable fame to the All Japan Pitch® brand in the last few years. This specialized stitching leaves the individual stitches longer than regular machine stitched Bogu set, making the Futon thicker, providing more protection, as well as making it extremely flexible. This style has been imitated by several of our rivals, but none have managed to match the comfort and quality offered by the real deal.

*PLEASE NOTE* Changing the colour of the Do from Standard Black increases production time to approximately 4-6 weeks.



Weight Information:


Men  1,315g
Kote 460g
Do 1,450g
Tare 845g
Total 4,070g


All weights are approximate.


Includes Himo, Chichikawa and Tenugui.

Larger or irregular sizes may require additional cost and/or production time.



* NB: Although we are perfectly able to craft almost any size, please note that we might have to ask you for extra fees and extra crafting time if your measurements are out of the Japanese standards, since it will require extra materials, special designs and extra work for our craftsmen. 

Other Details

Sashi Haba:
3mm All Japan Pitch®
Hari (Reinforcement):
All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Urakawa (Reverse Leather):
'Sakura' Pattern Inden- Leather
Herikawa (Edging):
All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Cotton Parts:
#8,800 Navy Cotton
Kazari Ito:
AJP Pearl Mengane (Grey Inner)
Mendare Stitching:
3mm Naname-zashi
Uchiwa (Face Padding):
Navy Naname-zashi
Palm Leather:
Brown All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Kote Namako:
1dan Namako
Atama (Fist Section):
Full All Japan 'Shin-Leather', with genuine deerhair filling and Yoroi-style Kazari
Mune Kazari:
Choice of Designs
Standard Do-Dai:
50pc Black Yamato Do-Dai
Tare Herikawa (Edging):
All Japan 'Shin-Leather'
Tare Dankazari (Decoritive Lines):
7-dan Kazari

Product Reviews

  1. Very Light and Comfortable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 20th 2017

    I bought the Sakura bogu set to be my regular training set. I am very happy with my choice, it is light and very comfortable to wear. I had other similar bogu (3mm stitching), but this set is by far the best one amongst my other 3 and 2mm set!

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