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'All Japan CROSSPITCH' - LUXURY 2017 VERSION Deerskin Model Tare


Product Description


In recent years the All Japan Pitch® series has become the most popular choice amongst top-level Japanese Kendo players, as well as high ranking Sensei. From All Japan Champions, to world famous 8th Dan holders, Bogu sets bearing our exclusive All Japan Pitch gold Label have become the armor sets of choice for the World’s best Kendoka.koukyuu.jpg

Years of research, experimentation, and experience have allowed us to perfect the art of Bogu craftsmanship, and now we present the next generation of 'Kou-Kyuu' luxury Kendo Bogu.


The CROSSPITCH takes all the qualities of our top-selling All Japan Pitch® series of Bogu sets, the choices of many of members of the national team members and high ranking Sensei around the world, and improves on them in every way. While light enough to be considered a 'Jissengata' Bogu set, while comfortable and protective enough to simultaniuously fall into the 'Yoroigata' category, the main points of the CROSSPITCH are top-quality materials and craftsmenship, backed up with unparalleled durability. This makes CROSSPITCH the perfect choice not only special occasions and tournaments, but even daily Keiko!

Using premium quality materials, the Futon, Ago, and Herikawa are reinforced with the finest cuts of deerskin, improving the flexibility and durability of the CROSSPITCH. Deerskin reacts well to moisture, remaining supple and flexible after drying, and it also takes the genuine Aizome (indigo-dye) perfectly – allowing it to fade naturally over time and giving the Bogu set a prestigious appearance. Further, of all the materials used in the construction of Kendo Bogu, deerskin provides the best durability, helping the Bogu last for decades of frequent use.



The CROSSPITCH takes quality a step further in terms of craftsmenship and overall durability. Besides the use of premium quality materials, one of the most distinguishable improvements is the use of the innovative All Japan 2-Bu (Approx. 6mm) Koushi-Zashi stitching, which gives the Futon additional strength, and an increased ability to hold its shape. Unlike traditional Bogu sets, the grid patterned stitching acts as a flexible framework for the Futon, allowing it to be easily flexed and maneuvered in all directions, providing more comfort than ever before. Further, this additional flexibility acts as a shock absorbent, and reduces the impact of the Shinai strike, before it is relayed to the body. This completely contradicts the old-fashioned school of thought that a hard, rigid Futon provides more protection – as the concept of the super-flexible CrossPitch Futon is to cushion the impact, and this also provides maximum comfort.





The Men features our original All Japan 'Pearl' Mengane, which has improved balance, gives improved lateral vision, and has reinforced Titanium bars in the strike zone. Further, the Mengane is coated with an original high-gloss coating, which strengthens the surface, preventing chips, cracks and dents! Finally, the Mengane is finished with matte grey on the inside, giving a cool and discreet outlook.

The hand-stitched Uchiwa is made using the same genuine Momen found in top-quality Tezashi Bogu sets, improving the overall fit and comfort. Further, it has been deepened by 1cm to give a closer fitting feel to the face - giving the Men a feeling of becoming 'part' of the wearer.


The CROSSPITCH Kote also feature our special 'Infinity Grip' wrist joint, which allows you to maneuver and manipulate the Shinai with ease, as well as the dinstinctive Yoroi-gata Kazari on the fist, gallowing for improved hand movement! Furthermore, these Kote feature soft and supple smoked deerskin palms for even more comfort. The Kote Futon and entire Kote Atama are reinforced with top-quality Seiaizome deerskin, making these some of the most durable Kote around!

Featuring all the design elements you would expect from a modern Jissengata Bogu set, such as shortened Mendare, super-flexible Kote and a diagonal cut on the Tare and Menfuton, the CROSSPITCH has a simplistic, yet dignified design, which gives you the chance to present your appearance in the same way as the world's top-level players. As with the rest of the new All Japan Pitch® range, the entire Bogu set features Tetsukon colored accent threads, giving the entire Bogu set a subtle yet distinctive and luxurious appearance.




Finally, utilizing the latest in Bogu technology, the Mune has been made with a special type of Kurozan, exclusivly developed by our craftsmen for the All Japan Pitch® series of Bogu - featuring the same durability as regular Kurozan, while giving the Do a beautiful and lustrous appearance!


Weight Information:

Men  1,350g
Kote 380g
Do 1,450g
Tare 660g
Total 3,840g

All weights are approximate.

Larger or irregular sizes may require additional cost and/or production time.





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